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Electrical Page - Meltric, Russellstoll, Cooper Wiring Devices


Meltric Corporation- Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles, Multipin

Meltric Corporation Logo
Meltric Plugs, Receptacles, Connectors

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Meltric Industrial Plugs and Receptacles - A high tech line of power plugs, receptacles, connectors, including multipins that are U.L. approved, and horsepower rated to connect and disconnect under load from 20 amps to 600 amps up to 600 volts without a mechanical interlock required. The non-fused disconnect switch, using a pressure contact technology with a proven track record for safety and reliability --similar to that of heavy duty switchgear, has a world wide patent. They are offered in watertight configurations, with all units meeting NEC requirements for lockout/tagout. This design takes safety to a new and higher level versus the current pin / sleeve and twist-lock technology. Meltric products are safe, simple, switch rated & cost effective too!

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 Russellstoll Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles, Interconnects

Russellstoll Logo
Russellstoll Interconnect, Connectors, Plugs, and Receptacles
Russellstoll Interconnect has a wide range of watertight, waterproof and hazardous requirement connections in outdoor, severe, high abuse environments or in general industrial, whether classified indoor or outdoor uses.

Download the Latest Russellstoll Maxgard Catalog(pdf) Russellstoll Maxgard Catalog button

Download the Latest Russellstoll Duragurd Catalog(pdf) Russellstoll Duragard Catalog button

Download the Latest Russellstoll ABB IEC 60 309 International Pin and Sleeve Catalog(pdf) Russellstoll ABB IEC International Pin and Sleeve Catalog button

Download 2013 Russellstoll Catalog(pdf) Russellstoll 2013 cattalog button
(Many parts are NOT in the new catalog but still can be purchased)

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 Cooper Wiring Devices - Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles, Pin & Sleeve

Cooper Wiring Devices Logo
Cooper Wiring Devices
Cooper Wiring Devices offers a broad range of plugs, receptacles, connectors, surge supressors, and pin & sleeve devices. Their Industrial and Hospital Grade receptacles eliminate taping for faster, safer installation. With more designs and clamping options than any other manufacturer, Cooper Wiring Devices offers the most comprehensive line of industrial specification plugs and connectors in the industry.

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